Georgia Milestone Test Blueprints

These test blueprints are designed to communicate the structure of the Georgia Milestones measures.  The blueprints outline the types of items students will encounter on each grade and content area/course test, as well as the number of items and number of points possible (for those tests which include constructed-response items).  The blueprints also outline the domains, which are reporting categories, and the associated content standards.  The approximate percentage of points allocated to each domain is provided.  


Please note that the blueprints communicate about the structure of the assessment and are not intended to be used for instructional planning purposes.  Instructional plans and decisions should be predicated upon the state-adopted content standards for each content area and course, in addition to other relevant instruction-based or curriculum-based resources, such as the curriculum frameworks (located at, and any local resources developed using the content standards.  Resources surrounding the content standards should be used to inform instructional plans and decisions.